The facts on Kirkwood’s Prop R

1) Kirkwood last voted to build more classrooms in 2010. Since then we’ve grown by 700 students and we are projected (based on actual births already in Kirkwood) to have 858 more students in 2025 compared to 2010.

2) Given classroom utilizations, 858 students require 43 classrooms.

3) Prop R would build between 41 and 43 new traditional classrooms.

4) Prop R would bring security and accessibility improvements to all schools in the District.

5) Prop R would not result in an increase in the tax rate from what it is now.

6) If passed, the bond service levy in Kirkwood would be as low or lower than it has been in 25 of the last 26 years.

7) If passed, the the bond service levy in Kirkwood would be the third lowest among the 22 St. Louis County school districts.

8) If passed, the total residential tax levy for KSD would be the fourth lowest among the 22 County school districts.

9) If passed, the bonds are expected to be at interest rates below 1%.

10) Prop R does not build a new school campus.