About Mark Boyko

Mark Boyko

I graduated from O’Fallon High School, just across the river, along with my wife, Meg. The high school is very much like Kirkwood’s — well supported, high achieving, and vibrant. I went off to the University of Illinois, followed by Mizzou for a law degree, while Meg went to Truman State University. You can see that we believe in public education. After moving off to New York for graduate degrees we settled back into the St. Louis area and, in 2014, bought a house just off South Geyer. 

With our children, ages 14 and 11, we’re living the full spectrum of life. We’ve parented through good grades and bad, forgotten homework (and I-pads), memorable field trips, solos, sports, sleepovers, and slime. We’ve taken advantage of the district’s extra support in reading, robust core curriculum, gifted enrichment, and after-school programs. In short, we are invested in the success of our children and, in so being, in the success of each and every student in the Kirkwood School District, no matter where they are.