About Mark Boyko

Mark Boyko

Now that my first term is nearly over, I am running for re-election to the Kirkwood School Board. Certainly I could not have guessed the issues that would come before the Board over the past three years. That said, I campaigned by promising voters I would make decisions through the lenses of safety, community and excellence, and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in those areas:

Safety: (1) Improved lighting, crosswalks, and entryway security and accessibility; (2) Implemented Covid-related policies that responsibly minimize in-school transmission.

Community: (1) supported annual reductions in tax rates, bringing Kirkwood’s residential tax rate down nearly 20% to a generational low; (2) protected prevailing wage to support workers in our community; (3) increased salaries for teachers and staff, with a focus on those earning the least; and (4) purchased the historic Turner Building, which will serve as the new district administrative offices and provide lease income through private/public partnerships.

Excellence: (1) provided students with more opportunities for live and quality virtual instruction during Covid than many neighboring districts; (2) through Prop R, ensured the construction of appropriate learning spaces for all students.