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And I’m Running for Missouri House District 90 to represent Kirkwood, Glendale, and all Missourians

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Meet Mark

I am a lawyer who represents workers in federal court cases around the country, even in the US Supreme Court, to enforce their rights to a fair retirement. I take on hidden and excessive fees charged by Wall Street firms to 401(k) plan participants. I also tackle corporate greed that hurts employees in transactions involving Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), penalizes married retirees in traditional pensions, and abandons disabled people in favor of insurance company profits. Since 2007, my cases have returned over $500 million to workers and retirees who had worked hard to save. With all the attention these cases have brought, 401(k) and 403(b) fees have dropped by over $10 billion per year, helping all workers meet their retirement goals.

My successes have come from a desire to give back to my community. I am proud to serve as the Vice President of the Kirkwood School Board as well as serve on the board of the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank and the Friends of the Kathy J. Weinman Center, St. Louis County’s safe-haven for victims of domestic abuse.  Over the course of my time on the Kirkwood School Board, we have:

  • Mitigated the pandemics’ health, academic and social impacts
  • Earned multiple Blue Ribbon designations, including for Kirkwood High School
  • Reduced teacher and staff turnover by over 60%
  • Increased our minimum pay by over 60% and improved pay for our teachers to show we value those who help our students the most
  • Reduced our residential tax rate by nearly 20% to give relief to our community members and struggling families
  • Improved safety and accessibility at our campuses to serve all students, staff, parents and visitors
  • Constructed dozens of new classrooms to meet our growing enrollment
  • Increased our financial reserves to put our community in the best position for long-term success
  • Repurchased the Turner School Building, preserving a piece of Kirkwood history
  • Respected the professionalism of classroom teachers and library professionals


Results like these require planning, teamwork, execution, and most importantly, the dedication to doing the hard work of problem solving. I look forward to bringing that commitment to Jefferson City.

As part of my desire to give back to the community, I serve on multiple non-profit boards. I also scuba dive, travel, raise two children, play racquetball, and speak at American Bar Association and other industry events about in importance of well-managed retirement plans. I graduated with a bachelors in Economics from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana before earning my law degree at Mizzou and an advanced law degree from New York University. My wife and I grew up in the St. Louis area and love enjoying all our community has to offer.

Key Issues

Passionate about using proven methods to create positive change for Missourians and the world.


Mark believes our community cannot thrive without quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare. Every year we see examples of the state government failing to take advantage of common sense opportunities to make these goals attainable for our families across the income spectrum.

Mark knows that abortion is healthcare. He believes every Missourian should have the autonomy to make decisions about their body and their life. Moreover, Mark will prioritize ensuring Missourian’s have access to affordable health and childcare, paid parental leave, and family-friendly policies that strengthen our communities.


Mark is passionate about the value of public education to our communities and our shared future. Mark came up through public schools and then went on to give back by serving on the Kirkwood School Board. Mark believes not only in providing every Missouri child with access to a free, quality public education, but also to expanding and strengthening access to affordable options for pre-K and for our high school graduates to pursue training and education, including at our public universities. Underfunding these priorities steals opportunities from our residents and leeches jobs from our communities. As a consultant to startups and small businesses, Mark understands the importance of an educated workforce in attracting employers to our state. Mark also sees the relationship between quality education, jobs, crime reduction, and health.


Mark has a proven track record of supporting livable wages for employees. Over the past four years he has supported increases in the pay scale of Kirkwood teachers and staff, including increasing the District’s minimum pay by over 50%. He has also supported Kirkwood’s position as one of the most labor-friendly districts, protecting prevailing wage requirements for more construction projects than in our neighboring Districts. We cannot make our community strong without valuing each other’s contributions.

As a law firm partner and advisor to start-ups and small businesses, Mark also understands the role government can play, positively and negatively, in securing jobs for its citizens. New businesses want to come to communities with a skilled and educated workforce, a high quality of life, and assurances of safety, bodily autonomy, and educational opportunities for its workers and their families. Over the past 20 years the Republican strategy — that cutting taxes to the bone will attract businesses — has failed to create jobs or grow Missouri’s GDP at the rate of states which have focused on education and public safety.

Republican extremists have gutted Missouri’s common-sense gun laws and laid waste to the state in their pursuit of extreme abortion bans and demonization of children with gender dysmorphia, their parents, and their doctors. These priorities have cost thousands of lives and jobs and chased good businesses, police, and families out of the state. During the last twenty years of Republican control,  Missouri has failed to grow, create jobs, improve education, or address safety for our communities. We cannot expect the same policies to suddenly start working. We have to try a different approach.

Our Environment

Mark understands that climate change is a real, man-made threat to our shared future. Mark also understand the serious, negative, and long-lasting impact pollution and contamination can play in our everyday lives now, and in the near future. As an Eagle Scout, scuba diver, and informed citizen, Mark sees all of us as stewards of our land, waterways, and natural resources, and is committed to meaningful, practical policies to protect our environment today and for future generations. This includes a commitment to renewable power, energy efficiency, and accountability for the companies responsible for contamination and pollution.

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About District 90

House District 90 represents some or all of the St. Louis County communities of Kirkwood, Glendale and Valley Park.


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